ディレクターは岩本健太 音楽がena  effectを工藤航。たくさんのスケーターが出演しております。

(THE box)




I’ve produced a short movie featuring a skateboard box!!
The director is Kenta Iwamoto, music by Ena and Kudo Ko as an effector.
So many Japanese professional and amateur skaters perform in the movie.
(THE box)
Why don’t you join our screening party at 3rd December at UPLINK Shibuya??
Never miss the new, stimulating visual and story!!

※Therefore the number of the seats are limited, please reserve the seats beforehand.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested screening our movie (offers from outside Japan are welcome).

Toshiko kimura


THE box 上映会

開催日: 2017年12月3日(日) 19:00~20:45
会場: 渋谷アップリンク
料金: ¥1,500-(1D&ポスター)
トークショー: 原 雅明 × ena × 岩本 健太 × 木村 敏子
伊藤 慎一 × 岩本 健太 × 木村 敏子

お名前 人数 連絡先を明記の上、下記のアドレスにご連絡ください。
“THE box” screening party

Date: 3rd December 2017 19:00~20:45
Venue: Shibuya UPLINK
Entry: 1500 Yen per person (includes one drink & poster)
Talk Show: Masaaki Hara × ena × Kenta Iwamoto × Toshiko Kimura
Shinichi Ito × Kenta Iwamoto × Toshiko Kimura
Please let us know your name, number of people and your contact
(e.g. phone number, e-mail address)
if you’d like to reserve the seats.